We LOVE all dogs, no breed restrictions!

Daily Dog Walking

Dog Walker
Cooper loves walking with Amanda’s Paw Pals, LLC!

Our daily dog walking is the perfect option when you are away from the home all day.   Available in 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute increments so you can decide what works best for your schedule. 

Cuddly Cat Sitters

Savannah loves playing with Amanda’s Paw Pals, LLC!

Our cuddly cat care is the perfect service for those fluffy felines who deserves the absolute best pampering and playtime. We know cats!  Amanda’s Paw Pals provides the most loving care to your furry felines so they don’t even realize you are gone 🙂

Pooch Pet Care

Leo taking a siesta 🙂

We care for dogs, cats, goats, guinea pigs, chickens, hamsters…almost any pet.  We are not afraid of snakes but please don’t ask us to feed your pet spider!  We also do not do horses, we just don’t have experience with them.  


Call Us Today and Say Hello!

We know you want the perfect, safest, and sweetest care for your furry friend.
Give us 5 minutes on the phone to answer your questions!

Call (860) 338-7135 or email us at


More than just pet care!

  • Resources for pet parents
  • Education
  • Community outreach
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    Tick-nado hitting CT this year!

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