Hi everyone!  I have done my best to come up with some questions that I get asked frequently but if I haven’t answered all your questions, please ask!

  1. Why is pet sitting more expensive then kenneling my dog or cat?    We provide services that are tailored to families 1:1 and their individual needs.  By providing in-home care, we offer pets the comfort of being in their familiar environment.  Being home helps to eliminate stress, and the potential of catching illnesses such as kennel cough.  Our rates reflect these services, as well as our time, expertise and travel expenses.
  2. Why can’t my pet sitter just stay at my house all day?  Unfortunately, we just don’t have the resources to stay all day at this time.  Rest assured, however; we find that most animals sleep in between visits and are very happy just to be in their own space!
  3.   What is the difference between a Quick Check-In visit and a Full visit?  Besides the time (quick check-in visits are 10 or 15 minutes and a full visit is 20 to 30 minutes) the difference is minimal.  Quick visits are great for those dogs who just need to go out and pee (no walks are completed on this visit) or the cat that needs to be fed a few times for digestion.  (Because of the short time, litter box care is not offered during a quick check in visit).
  4. Do you offer off-leash or pack runs?  Not at this time.  Amanda’s Paw Pals prides themselves on our 1:1 care so having pack runs seems to counter that idea.  Also, off-leash walks or runs are not covered in our insurance coverage at this time.
  5. Is my key safe if Amanda’s Paw Pals keeps it on file?  Absolutely!  Amanda’s Paw Pals has a locked file box where all keys are kept.  The box is in our office and the only keys to the box are held by Amanda so it is completely secure.
  6. How do I book an appointment?  Easy, just call 860-338-7135 or send an email to  Amanda’s Paw Pals is available right away, as soon as the Meet & Greet has been taken care of.  What are you waiting for?! 
  • We offer pet sitting visits for many pets, including cats, dogs, goats, chickens, birds and fish.  As long as it isn’t a spider 🙂  We also offer dog walking during the day for those long days when you are stuck at the office or want to go out right from work.  Call us today and see what we can do for you!

  • We service Haddam, Higganum, Middletown, East Haddam and Portland.

  • We accept cash, checks, credit cards and paypal