Even pet sitters have problems.  My problem is fleas.  Not personally, of course 🙂  My Lucy is in the unfortunate predicament.  Hi all, Amanda here.  I am writing from my new website…yay!  Of course, my email still doesn’t work 🙁  I don’t care–new website, yay!!!!

Back to the problem at hand, Lucy’s fleas.  My poor baby is suffering, truly.  She is scratching herself silly and taking of bits of fur.  This story begins with an adorable cat who, through no fault of its own, infested the house.  My daughter’s kitten spent a few weeks here while she was settling into a new place and Dexter brought fleas in with the cuddles and meows.  I saw the scratching and felt the bites of the fleas in her apartment while I helped her move.  I treated him with flea treatment, Maria gave him a bath and all was well with the world.

What I didn’t even consider was my dog, Lucy.  She had one of those flea treatment collars on that is good for like 8 months and since I had not had any trouble, I didn’t even think to watch her.   Unfortunately, the fleas in the world today are like super-fleas and my poor Lucy was a casualty of the war.  By the time I realized she had fleas in spite of the collar, she had already removed the fur and parts of the skin under her arms and neck.

I truthfully wasn’t too worried as I gave Lucy a bath in Dawn to kill the fleas.  She tolerates baths but is really not a fan of water.  After the two minutes, we rinsed off the suds and dead fleas and toweled off.  My poor baby kept scratching, regardless.  A few days later, she was still scratching.

Then I took off her collar, switched to one of those behind the head spot treatments, and gave her another bath.    Her scabs started to heal and her skin was red but clear.  I bombed my living area, washed everything I could find, put borax between the couch cushions and vacuumed it, and hoped for the best.  I aired the place out and we watched some tv.

The thing is, while I was sitting there, I saw another flea crawling on her back.  What the heck?!  The next day I went to the vets.  I told them what was going on and I got some chewable flea treatment.  They also gave me some Benadryl so she could stop scratching.  I brought her to the groomers to get a flea bath and brought her home.  So far so good.

Except today, I saw a flea on her.  The flea bath was yesterday!!!!  One of my clients told me about a flea collar they use and I think I am going to get one.  I am really desperate at this point and don’t know what to do.  Hopefully the new collar will work and in the meantime poor Lucy just has to scratch.  Ugh!!!!!

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