Talking to the dog–am I the only one?!

Do you talk to your dog or I your cat?  How about your chickens?  Hi all, Amanda here.  This blog is about talking to the animals.  I don’t mean in a Dr. Doolittle way (although–how cool would that be?!).  Nope, I am talking about just talking to your precious pets as if they are your best friends.  They should be, by the way!

I was walking into a dog walking job the other day and when I opened the door I yelled, “Hello, Cooper!  Are you ready to take a walk?”  Then I walked over to the counter to check for a note and then Cooper and I were off on our walk.  While we were walking, I was talking to him about a few business decisions that had been weighing on my mind.  Now, I had already talked to a few human advisors about this same thing, but talking to Cooper allowed me to really get to the meat of the questions I had.

 The thing about talking to a pet is that they don’t answer back or interrupt.  Have you ever had an experience where you just want to tell someone what happened and they keep asking you questions?  I know that they are just trying to get all the information but really?!  I just want to tell you the story–would you let me already?!  

 Or what about this–you are pouring your soul out to your bestie and you can JUST TELL that they are only half listening because they are busy trying to come up with something witty and inspiring to say.  Now, first of all–thank you for caring so much that you want to make sure you say just the right thing.  But I would love you so much more if you would just hear me out!

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